Saturday, 2 August 2008

Prayers for Trinity

Another post to the People of Trinity:

Today in the mail I received the copy of the entire directory of WHO you are! Just as Holly promised it would, it arrived here shortly after I asked for it and now I can begin to get to know you - at least names and households!

Now I can begin to pray for you!

There are A LOT of you!! Hooray for that! With each name comes first the image of God in which you are created; then a specific, unique story of your life (no matter how long or short); and finally a spiritual autobiography that brings you, Trinity, and me together in this time and place - there are also nuanced and complex faith journeys, beliefs, theologies, and experiences of God. How amazing is God that all this happens - and amazing the computer, internet, and technology that we can do it over distance!

One of my very favorite things about people (or pastoral) ministry - lay and ordained - is that we have the privilege of hearing, sharing, and being shaped by the real life stories of other people. I want to hear YOUR life story. I want to know why Trinity is your church home. I want begin to listen deeply to who God is in your life. And I hope to do alot of that ... listening ... in my first several months in Reno.

Please please be open and willing to share with me.

In the meantime, I'll pray for a portion of the directory every day and hope that you'll continue to pray for me and Joe (as I know you have been). And, as you pray for the personal, local and global concerns you have in the world as well; please remember to pray for those who have no one to pray for them.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Welcome People of Trinity

Today is the first day (or so) that people from Trinity Church, Reno NV are probably reading this blog ... so WELCOME!!
You are very welcome to my blog.
If you are from Trinity and have found your way here it's hopefully because you read about it in my letter in the August newsletter.

You know already that I am very excited to be coming to be your new rector ... that I feel very deeply called to be with you and your parish at this time and feel I fit in a very specific way to the Parish Profile and the very prayerful work of your Discernment Team.

Together with them, your Vestry seems to agree, and although I haven't met the rest of you, I hope you will feel the same way too.

In the earlier pages of the blog I was trying to create a way for people like your Discernment Team to get to know me, a little bit about Joe my spouse/partner, and what our time here in England (particularly my ministry with the Church of England) and where we live is like. There are 2 "slideshows" that you can watch, and several entries with photos of some of our trips.

You'll also notice there's a HUGE gap in writing ... why?? Well, after being invited to visit Reno as one of the "final four" life got very busy and hectic in preparing for the visit (which included a week home in Santa Barbara). Then after returning to England and accepting the call to Trinity, life has become even more hectic ... but I hope that what you'll see is a bit of a "taster" (or introduction, as they say here) to me.

Please feel to post a comment or write on my email which I've given you as well.
With long distance blessings til we meet in September,
-- Stefani