Thursday, 30 November 2006

Mother's Union in York

How exciting it was to go to a Mother's Union Provincial Service in York! We boarded a bus from Manchester at about 8 AM to get there in time for the 11.00 service. When we arrived the cathedral was FULL of ladies! Ladies everywhere - and a few men! The service was wonderful; it was lovely to hear the cathedral full of womens' voices. Bp Nigel from Manchester preached; there were lots of prayers. Our diocese was represented... And it was a very windy day!

Then we had a lovely lunch. I strolled around a bit - first taking time in the cathedral, it's shop, and then just a quick look around the town (buying cake at Betty's) then back on the bus. It was soon dark and rained most of the way home. I'm very glad to be welcomed by the women here in Gorton who made sure I could attend - and it's a great way to get acquainted with the North here.
MU is not quite the same in the US, but I'll definitely want to make sure we (TEC) stays connected to the work of MU throughout the world in supporting women. And I'll probably become a member before we leave.

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