Sunday, 24 February 2008

Joys of ministry

Here I am in Gorton with parishioners, L&H. We've just had a naming service for their one week old little girl "Grace" who's being held by a friend. CofE has a great service for just what they wanted and were used to back "home". We'll baptize her later when more family can attend.

I married L&H just one week before the birth so this continued our celebrations (actually during the Sunday morning Holy Communion because the parish has so welcomed them and they have little family here.

It's part of the amazing multi-cultural world of England and the Anglican Communion ... they're originally from Nigeria, but citizens of Austria. They found St James Church just a few months before - after moving very nearby. H's the one who always makes sure they go to church ... they speak to their families back "home" every day on the mobile. Not different from me and emails.
What a great new family!

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