Tuesday, 5 September 2006

First Monday

We awoke with our To Do list – bed #1! If we didn’t have the bed by Tuesday morning we couldn’t sleep in our new place and would have one more night in the hotel. Before we were going to get the bus back to the large

Our first visit to the Gorton Market – JD says it feels just like the Bronx. We ate some “pies” while sitting on a planter. It’s pretty small inside – about 10 – 15 little stalls with most of them being either meats or bakery. There’s lots of good sliced meats, cheeses, a fish place and fresh poultry seller. JD is really happy to be able to shop close to home in a place that reminds him of Arthur Avenue (the Bronx) and will be able to get lots of good nibbles for both breakfast and lunch everyday – he’s already planning that. There’s even a pet food shop! Outside there are open air places where it seems different people will be selling each day. And one great thing: a second hand (used) furniture store – I’ll definitely be back for that – hoping to find some good buys on “antique” furniture. Food makes JD happy and furniture makes me happy!

Internet Café – and Manuel (from London)while waiting for the fax to go through, his quote : “it’s much better for people of color (not his words exactly) now than it would have been a few years ago in Gorton” “There’s been more opening up and that’s good.”

Mobile phone – long lines at the store; Impossible to do the phone without the bank account – but haven’t got the bank account. JD said it would be so much more helpful for there to be a flow chart with the steps you need to take first : IE you need a bank account before the mobile phone, or the land line before the bank account; then the utilities – or whatever! It’s just felt like a bit of spinning wheels which it wouldn’t back home.

They’re very addicted to their phones; you can see everyone walking with one in their hand if they’re not one one – most people aren’t too loud on the public transport, but they are on the phone.

We made our way to the Manchester Cathedral at about 4:45 and saw that there was Evening Prayer at 5:30. It felt good to just sit for a while. The cathedral has a long history from the 12th century. One of the things I noticed was that ABC William Temple had been bishop of Manchester before he moved “up” to Lambeth.

Finally, dinner at our “favorite” – from last trip – Italian restaurant at the top of Oxford Road.

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