Thursday, 24 April 2008

Baptisms - all the time

Here in the Church of England, unlike The Episcopal Church, we do baptisms ALL the time! Usually in the 3 churches I serve, we try to limit them to once a month. Here I am with one of the baptismal candidates and his parents. What a beautiful smile-y face he has, big rosy cheeks, and that sailor suit - absolutely precious! His name is "Alfie". The sermon I preached that morning used the 5 letters of his name to teach about God, the church, and baptism.

A is for the Alpha and Omega - for our Amazing God
L is for Life - the miracle of new life in baptism, and Love of mother and father
F is for Family - the birth family, godparents, and all the Christian family
I is for "I" - each one of us and the pieces that make us who we are
E is for Example - everyone at the service this morning is meant to be an example.

God bless Alfie (his baptism was just about one year ago...)

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