Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Blog Prayer

Tuesday is Holy Communion day at St James. The one mid-week service for the Team.

Each week at 10.30 AM a small but very faithful group of OAP (old age persons/pensioners) gather to hear the service. Some have been to a Sunday liturgy but not all and they just like the gospel read and communion administered. It's a quite prayerful space/time although usually cold. Today I read intercessions from a book we use quite frequently here in CofE from a series called "Searchlights" an all-age resource to go with the Common Worship book.

The prayer for Third Sunday of Easter fit my blog beautifully! As well as fitting with the theme of Gospel which is/was the Road to Emmaus. I usually change some of the phrases from this book as I read/pray but haven't in order to give the full Church of England sense of it. (this is published by Kevin Mayhew - probably closer to the evangelical wing of the church than elsewhere)

Lord, make yourself know to us in church and through the scriptures.
May we know you in the breaking of the bread,
in the break of the day,
and when our hearts are breaking.
Help us to see that you travel with us on the road of life and you never leave us.
Fill us with your Spirit,
that we may proclaim the Good News and tell others of your love.
We remember today all who are suffering because of their faith, those who live in fear, and those whose lives are restricted.
Lord abide with us,
stay with us and help us.

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