Friday, 18 April 2008

Tonight's Movie

Tonight JD and I finally watched a DVD again. Thanks to our new account with LoveFilm - the UK's version of NetFlix in the US.
For some reason, none of the newest releases and/or chick flicks that I put on our list were sent to us. Instead we got "In the Shadow of the Moon" about the 24 men who actually have walked on the moon. I hadn't really heard of it before I found it recommended by LoveFilm and put it on our list - but we really enjoyed it!

See this review from the LA TIMES for a good idea of the film - then SEE it.

There were some great reflections of the men about the spiritual and religious nature of their experiences seeing the earth from space; about what it felt like to be so far away and yet so connected; and a bit about what's changed in our environment since the 1969 to 1972. Particularly appropriate as we approach Earth Day I felt.

We highly recommend it.

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