Thursday, 10 April 2008

Imagine God is a ....

I woke up this morning still thinking about this blog I read yesterday ... where Hal Greenwood imagines God is camel . An uncomfortable, obstinate, stinking camel. It's good when something sticks with you I guess; so I've been trying ever since I read it to figure out why.
It's not that I think it's sacrilegious to imagine God is a camel even as nasty as he portrays God, but I'm not sure why? I'm not sure what it suggests about God that Hal wants/has to imagine God that way. I guess he's in a place of struggle. Or is he just trying to provoke us.

Then it's "good" then to want to provoke us ... and that's probably what's stayed with me. I DON"T want to imagine God is a camel the way Hal puts it! And if I don't want to imagine God that way, then what way? What do I want to imagine God is?? People have been doing this for years - I'm not sure it's the same thing as metaphor however because he doesn't say "imagine God like/as a camel" but "...IS a camel".

So, after thinking and especially after last night's beautiful concert I want to Imagine God is Live Music! Imagine God is live music (any kind of music: rock, classical, jazz, etc) and imagine the amazing power of listening to live music - it's creative, never exactly the same thing twice, it can move you to tears, it is shared with others there yet also personal, and you can create it too or just enjoy, it stays with you - you can remember it the next day or for years to come, but you can't HOLD on to it ... you have to BE there with it. There is recorded music which has its own power but nothing quite like the real thing.

Anyway, that's my response to Hal; at least some beginning thoughts. This really will stick with me. Maybe even into Sunday's sermon which texts are about Jesus the Shepherd and Ps 23.
What do YOU imagine God is ... ???

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