Sunday, 30 March 2008

Bridie's new mum

One of the most difficult things for me and JD about leaving the US for studies in Manchester was the fact that it wasn't going to easy to bring our beloved little kitty Bridie (short for the Irish saint Brigid whom we rescued at Angell pet hospital in Boston) with us to England.
While we did go through the steps to bring Bridie with us - blood tests, microchip - we didn't do it soon enough for her to travel when we did in Sept 2006.
The best plan at that time was for her to "board" with my friend Mary. Bridie and Mary had already fallen in love with one another so we were very happy about it.
Well, pretty soon after we were here we realized (mostly due to our travels back to the US) it wasn't wise to bring Bridie to the UK at all. SOOOOOO,

Bridie has been adopted by Mary; they've moved from Brookline to Providence - and now with Mary's fiance Ben.

Mary just sent some snaps to show how happy they are together .... don't they look great?? (and reading one of my favorite books, the spiritual memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert)

WE are so grateful for the wonderful loving homes Mary has given Bridie and how happy they are - even though we miss having the spirit of a pet in our home.

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