Saturday, 8 March 2008

RevGalPals Friday 5

So alright it's Saturday night but I've been wanting to "play" with RevGalPals since I thought of having a website ages ago...  I'm not an official member but wanted to answer this week's Friday 6 (actually six this week) 

Spring :: 
What have you seen/heard this week that was a :
1 sign of hope 
the longer daylight ... here in Northern England that's a REAL big deal

2. an unexpected word of light in a dark place 
on Monday seeing the beauty of London by walking around and seeing daffodils, crocus, and even pink and white buds on the trees 
as well as my sister's artwork 

3 a sign of spring 
there are actually daffodils in my own back garden ! 

4  challenging/ surprising 
how easy it was to get to-from London (for a couple days) and how difficult it can be to return to a setting-environment where it's really hard to live (ie multiple deprivation, urban priority area ... that's Brit-speak for pretty bad inner city)

5 share a hope for the coming week
looking toward the week before Holy Week, just getting through all that needs to be "done" and hoping nothing else gets added in. 

Thanks for listening! 

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