Sunday, 23 March 2008

Dawn at St Philip's

Here is the interior (although dark) of St Philip's with the Pascal candle so beautifully decorated. The wardens and people outdid themselves for Holy Week as well as 10 of them showing up at Dawn. Then they came back for a full English breakfast before the 10.30 service - but I was home preparing for my next two... Alleluia!!

The liturgy included renewal of baptismal vows. It was particularly meaningful for one man who came forward; he'd been baptized as a child and quite a regular attender but wanted to make a re-commitment (in fact wanted to be re-baptized which wasn't necessary). This part of the service was very meaningful to him - I was grateful to be part of it. He had earlier told me he'd struggled with depression for 30 years and only the past 9 months has he been on a helpful medication. His story was definitely one of Resurrection ! ALLELUIA!!

Here we are outside St Philip's for the Easter Dawn service... the faithful driving through the snow. It's about 6 AM and we actually did kindle a fire outside for the new light of Easter, sang a hymn "Shine Jesus Shine", and light our candles before our feet froze and we went indoors.

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