Sunday, 23 March 2008

Emmanuel Hats!

HAPPY EASTER means Easter Bonnet "Competition" at Emmanuel. To the far right, is the WINNER 2008! Note the resemblance to the Easter Garden - good choice of theme. AND the large Easter egg "prize!" Yummy!
lots of chocolate here, but I was missing real jelly beans (and JellyBellies) as well as PEEPS!!

Next here is 2nd place, she'd won two times in a row before this year, so she had to be a good "sport" about it, but it was a pretty good entry again!

I had to judge last year and that was awful ... judging KIDS!! ugh!

Then there's THIRD place - actually someone who looks the happiest to have won. You can't see hat so well, but there are chicks and real broken eggs there. She WAS truly happy ! And that's her husband he was happy too!
Another ALLELUIA moment...
This is the hallway at Emmanuel - those names in the background are from one of the old churches and they're those lost in WW1 from the parish.

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