Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Monday

After resting on the rest of Easter ... and a nice meal of fresh scallops! We woke on Easter Monday (a legal bank holiday here in UK) and prepared for a traditional Easter Dinner with American friends! Friends we've met at the University from Seattle (and LA/Pasadena) and Midwest - both students and post-Doc. It was a great meal - ham, roasted potatoes, veg (fresh green beans and wild mushrooms) as well as awesome dessert (super rich chocolate cake).
That's us sitting to the first course (sorry we're missing one spouse).
In the break between courses we had an art project - people got to make Easter "animals" from puff balls - a kit I got at Tesco (sometimes yes, close to Target!). There were "supposed" to be chicks or rabbits but on close inspection you'll see the gene pool was somewhat mixed! All in good Easter Monday fun! And a new tradition perhaps - so much nicer to celebrate with a fabulous meal and friends on Monday!
Happy Easter !!

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