Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday Burger

Good Friday "Burger" ??!?
Even though this looks like a fried chicken or fish ...

I confess!
YES !! Meat - a burger!! And, an incredible burger in fact. I'm not "old-school" enough not to eat meat on Good Friday. It's just not my spirituality - for many reasons. Not that there aren't good reasons to abstain ... not that other people shouldn't do what they want to observe holy days.

Although we didn't set out purposefully to eat meat on Good Friday, it just happened and then we realized ... no one's scandalized I hope.

But JD and I took a road trip to Didsbury on Good Friday just to go to new-ish restaurant/burger joint called "Gourmet Burger Kitchen". It's pretty much the most "American-food" place we've found here. The best burger so far and the usual great British chips! It's actually a New Zealand establishment ... go to a rather poor website to find more about it Gourmet Burger . The kitchens are popping up all over England/UK and I think we'll definitely be back - good value as well as good food.

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