Monday, 31 March 2008

Dogs of Durham

In our ongoing visiting of places in England today we're in Durham. The initial idea was for JD to attend a conference of Society of Theology, but that seems to have been just an excuse! He's decided not to attend, and we'll just have a good visit. Train only took 2 hours, we've got a cheap but lovely B&B (45 pounds) and its a TOTALLY awesome beautiful day.

One of the first things to catch our attention after we have a passable lunch is a DOG!! He looks like he's happy to be snapped, doesn't he? And then we began to see more and more and more dogs - everyone in Durham seems to have a dog and was walking their dog on Monday ... who could blame them in the lovely spring day.

This is the dog that started a series called "Dogs of Durham" which, though interesting of about 10 dogs, is not printed here

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